Duval Semi Trailers

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**Inactive** About Duval Semi Trailers


In 1987, Chip Matthews founded Duval Semi Trailers (DST), a commercial trailer rental company headquartered in Conley, GA. DST is known in the marketplace for its high-quality equipment and its superior customer service. Through careful management by Matthews (CEO and owner) and Dane Wallis (Vice President), DST has grown quickly and currently rents over 1,600 semi-trailers for over-the-road transportation and storage purposes.

The Story

In 2008, Duval Semi Trailers began searching for a bank that could help them expand their fleet of trailers and handle the increased working capital requirements of a fast-growing business. However, they were frustrated by the process of obtaining the financing they needed.
“We were going through growing pains,” explained Wallis, Vice President of DST. “We were in high growth mode, but all of the banks we talked to were having a hard time getting their arms around our situation. They just couldn’t see our vision, and they couldn’t figure out how to make it happen.”
“When we finally began talking to Atlantic Capital Bank, we got the sense right away that they would be a good business partner,” Matthews, founder and CEO, remembers. “Clell Deaver, our relationship manager, and his risk officer, Robert Bugbee, took a lot of time to understand how we operate and what we needed. Instead of just looking at the top layer, they dove in with us and said, 'Help us understand what you do and where you want to go, and we’ll figure out how to help you get there.' Then, they spent a lot of time working with us - back and forth - to develop a unique plan that allowed us to grow quickly but safely. It took both sides to develop that plan, and because we listened to them and they listened to us, it has worked very well.” 

An Ongoing Relationship

“Atlantic Capital Bank excels at relationships and customer service,” said Matthews. "In the past, other banks acted like they were doing us a favor by even talking to us about a loan, but Atlantic Capital has come alongside us and made us feel like clients and business partners.
“At DST, we take great pride in treating our clients well and helping them to excel, and we’re glad to have found a bank that treats us the way we treat our own clients.”

The Results

“With the help and expertise of Atlantic Capital Bank, we’ve been able to expand our facilities and increase our trailer inventory to take advantage of the significant opportunities for growth that we have experienced over the last several years," said Wallis.