• Business Insights March 09, 2018

    3 Common Myths About SBA Loans

    Financing growth is an issue every business faces. Whether it is operating capital, equipment, real estate, or acquiring another business, many companies need increased capital to keep moving in the right direction. Access to capital is critical for ...

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  • Business Insights January 22, 2018

    Understanding Fintech

    Understanding Fintech Disruption between industries is frequent these days. New technologies encroach traditional businesses, and longstanding companies must pivot sharply to remain competitive. These disruptive companies leverage emerging tech...

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  • Business Insights November 17, 2017

    10 Fraudulent Signals Your Business Has Been Compromised

    10 Fraudulent Signals Your Business Has Been Compromised Fraud affects millions of businesses in the US each year. According to a recent survey through the Association of Financial Professionals, 74 percent of companies fall victim to attempted or...

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  • Business Insights October 12, 2017

    Successfully Grow Your Business

    Three tips on obtaining bank financing Asking a banker for a loan can be intimidating and it may not be obvious how to go about it. Walk-in clients are common in retail banking, but that is not often the case in commercial banking.   P...

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  • Business Insights June 08, 2017

    Ownership Transition

    Track athletes spend hours perfecting the handoff. Their individual work in a relay culminates in a seamless baton pass to the next hand.  Time is precious in both track and business. A smooth handoff in both is key to success.  In ge...

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  • Business Insights March 15, 2017

    Managing Market Changes

    Change is a part of business. How you manage and adapt determines success. Plan well to make the most of change and come out on top. This year, interest rates are projected to change. Lower unemployment and higher inflation are two significan...

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  • Economic Commentary September 23, 2016

    Economic Review - September 2016

    The US economy has added jobs at a steady pace this year, but GDP growth has been surprisingly subdued. Current forecasts indicate the economy is likely to expand less than 2% this year, well below more robust earlier predications. Consumer spendi...

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  • Economic Commentary June 28, 2016

    Economic Review - June 2016

    The UK's surprise vote to leave the European Union dramatically raises doubt about the sustainability of the global economic expansion, undermines confidence in European political stability, and challenges 70 years or more of established economic...

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  • Economic Commentary April 22, 2016

    Economic Review - April 2016

    Late last year an investment strategist at a major European bank urged his clients to "sell everything." Apparently, some of his clients and a good many other investors acted upon that draconian advice as major equity market indices in the US and abr...

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  • Economic Commentary December 21, 2015

    Economic Recap - 2015

    As widely anticipated, the Federal Open Market Committee decided to raise the federal funds target rate by 0.25% at its meeting on December 16th. While modest, this increase after seven years of near zero short term interest rates is a vote of co...

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