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Alexander Haas is a leading fundraising consulting firm that helps non-profit organizations to expand and enhance their fundraising programs to achieve their missions. The firm, started in 1987, has provided fundraising counsel and conducted successful campaigns for nearly 1,000 organizations across the country, with goals ranging from $1 million to more than $1 billion. Their clients include museums, colleges, independent schools, cultural organizations, churches, human service organizations, and hospitals.

At the Alexander Haas offices in Atlanta, the walls are lined with posters of successful fundraising campaigns. David King, President and CEO, and his team have spent years helping non-profit organizations of all types - from museums to zoos to universities and schools - to meet their fundraising goals.

The Story: In the words of David King, President

Alexander Haas' Challenge: Getting high-quality, consistent service from a bank

"For the first twenty years that Alexander Haas existed, we banked with one of the big banks. Over the years, we began to be assigned new bankers more frequently, and by the end, we were assigned a new banker just about every six months. Most of these bankers were young and inexperienced and didn’t understand our industry or service businesses, so we had to re-educate them each time we got a new person."

The Solution: A team that knows you and your business

"Since beginning a banking relationship with ACB, we’ve had one relationship manager the whole time. The credit department, our banker, and even the bank president all know what we do - they know our business model, and they understand how we operate. Because of that we’re able to have frank and productive discussions with the bank about our needs.

"Working with Atlantic Capital has been a collaborative experience. For example, in 2009 when the recession was in full swing, we needed to work on managing our cash flow. We had a few conversations with Atlantic Capital about restructuring an installment loan we had with them, and they were very helpful. They basically said, 'We understand what you’re trying to do – it makes sense – let’s help you.' And in general, I always feel that when I call Ashley or Lora (my bankers), their first impulse is to say, 'Let me see how I can help you - let’s try to make this work,' instead of giving me a thousand reasons why something can’t be done." 

Personal Banking

"For the first 14 years that we were married, my wife, Holly, and I had the same personal bank account with the same bank. But after I had such a good experience with Atlantic Capital on the corporate side, we decided to move our personal banking to Atlantic Capital, as well. We knew we'd get great customer service, and we have.

"ACB recently helped us out with a home equity line of credit so that we could renovate our house. Like any good consumer, we talked to several lenders about the loan, but many of the other banks acted like they were doing us a favor by talking to us. In contrast, ACB acted like they wanted the business, and once we decided to get our financing through them, they worked hard to get the loan closed.

"Working with Atlantic Capital has been a great customer service experience for us as a family, and for the company, Alexander Haas. I appreciate that the folks at ACB know my company and my family and are always ready to help."

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