We’re Moving! On Friday, April 27th our Atlanta main office and retail center will be closing at 2 pm. We will reopen on Monday, April 30th at our new location in Resurgens Plaza. Our new address will be 945 East Paces Ferry Road NW, 16th floor, Atlanta, GA 30326.

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About Harrison Design Associates

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Since its founding in 1991, Award-Winning Harrison Design Associates has been dedicated to creating high-end, custom residences, town homes and specialty commercial projects that are inspired by the best of classical and modern architecture. With offices in Georgia and California, the company shares a singular belief that a well-designed building is a work of art; it is an enduring investment and a place to express the client’s individuality.

The Story

Ashley Carson was our banker at our previous financial institution,” remembers Deborah Harrison, CFO of Harrison Design Associates. “She always did a great job for us, so when she switched banks and began working at Atlantic Capital Bank, we were receptive to hearing about the new institution. Of course, we were hesitant to think about switching to a newer bank, but after talking with Ashley and finding out more about Atlantic Capital’s investment in technology and commitment to customer service, we thought we’d give them a try."
“Thankfully, working with Atlantic Capital has been a success, and we’ve found that our positive experience doesn’t stop with Ashley. Everyone we’ve worked with at the bank has been responsive, friendly, and best of all, knowledgeable.”   

A Working Partnership

“Working with Atlantic Capital has been more like a partnership than the typical back-and-forth you expect from a bank,” says Bill Harrison, Principal of Harrison Design Associates.  “Instead of telling us what to do, Atlantic Capital is there to work with us.

“For example, we’ll sit down over lunch and lay everything out: 'This is what we want to do, this is where we’re going, and this is what it costs.' And our banking team will put their heads together, give it some thought, and come back the next day and say, 'Well, this would make sense. And have you thought about this? And what about this?' They really take the time to listen, digest everything, and come up with good solutions for us. I especially appreciate that Atlantic Capital’s team is straightforward with us, and once they make an agreement, they stick with it.

“As an architecture firm, the reason we’re in business today is that we realize that it’s a service business,” Bill acknowledges. “For example, when you call us, you get a live person.   We also do what we say we’re going to do.  That’s why we have done so well in our Los Angeles office.  We promise plans in a certain time frame and we deliver them on time.  People there aren’t used to that and we look like super stars by doing what we say we’ll do.  It is the same with Atlantic Capital.  They say they will do something in a certain amount of time, and they deliver. We stay in business by offering our clients both great plans and great service, and we’re happy to have found a bank that offers us the same experience we give our clients.” 

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