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Since 1989, HighGrove Partners’ spirited family of landscape visionaries has been creating innovative landscape solutions throughout metro Atlanta. HighGrove Partners provides a comprehensive range of commercial landscape and land services to property managers and owners. Their services include landscape architecture/master planning, land development services, landscape management and water management.

The Story: In the words of Jim McCutcheon, CEO

"About two years ago I began looking for a new financial institution. Unfortunately, I didn’t find many solid options. In the end, Atlantic Capital was the only bank that understood what we were trying to do from a business standpoint. That’s the amazing thing about ACB - their bankers don’t just understand banking, they actually understand business. And they’re in the business of helping people help their business. They came up with a structure that really worked for us at HighGrove, not just one that worked for the bank."

A Multi-Faceted Relationship

"I love working with Chuck [Schwartz, SVP at Atlantic Capital]. He gets excited about seeing us do well. When I talk to Chuck, it’s not just, 'Tell me about your numbers' – it’s, 'Tell me how I can help your business.' He knows what I’m doing, and I know what he’s doing. It’s truly much more of a partnership than I’ve ever experienced with a bank.

"By now I've worked with Atlantic Capital on many things – real estate loans, lines of credit, and equipment lines of credit. Working with Chuck’s team has been easy, and I appreciate all of the time and thought that has gone into each step of the process. I even went through the challenging situation of buying out two partners, and ACB worked through that with me to make it go smoothly."

The Results

HighGrove Partners continues to prosper and to show improvements in all financial areas. Says Jim of Atlantic Capital, “I’m a fan!”

Visit HighGrove Partners at www.highgrove.net