Kauffman Tire

About Kauffman Tire

As of April 2016, Kauffman Tire operates 55 retail stores in Georgia and Florida; 14 wholesale distribution centers in seven states; and the e-commerce site Treadepot.com. Kauffman Tire offers daily delivery to customers out of all wholesale centers, with a fleet of approximately 150 vehicles. Kauffman Tire's thorough knowledge of passenger, light truck, medium truck, farm, specialty, OTR, industrial and commercial tires, and their network of retail stores and wholesale distribution centers, allow Kauffman Tire to respond efficiently and effectively to its customers' needs.

The Story: In the words of Mark Kauffman, President

"A few years ago, we began looking around for a new banking relationship. Kauffman Tire had been with the same large bank for many years, and we thought it was time to reevaluate our options. At that point, we needed to finance some real estate. Atlantic Capital teamed up with another bank to do the deal, and together they gave us great terms. The loan process was seamless."


Why Atlantic Capital Bank?

"At Kauffman Tire, we know that business is about people and building strong relationships. No matter what kind of products or services you sell, you should always be focused on people. Atlantic Capital has the same mindset. The team at Atlantic Capital has been responsive and accessible. When helping us evaluate our options, they looked at us as a company, not just as numbers on a page."


The Results

"I have been very pleased by the service we’ve received from Atlantic Capital Bank. They helped us successfully gain the financing that we need to continue to grow and expand, and they continue to be a responsive business partner."
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