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November 5: Johnson Cook & Kel Landis

This week’s guests were Johnson Cook and Kel Landis. Johnson Cook is the CEO and Founder of Voxa, the Co-Founder and Director of the Atlanta Tech Village, and a Partner at Atlanta Ventures. Kel Landis is the Co-Founder and a Partner of Plexus Capital, and the author of The Little Book of Do.

Listen to our conversation on starting your company, creating distinctive core values, life as an entrepreneur, building a community that promotes great ideas, and living a life of "do".

Johnson Cook on Looking Two Steps Further: “The original idea was around this very simple problem that stuff doesn't get into the CRM. So that was where we started. We said, "Hey. There's a big hole here." We were looking more at the CRM, less at email. We said, "Email is a big thing we can add to the CRM." The clients were really asking for the very small incremental innovation. It was the investor pitches over six months to about 105 investors where we refined our vision. They looked at what we were doing and said, "You guys have a solid team. You got a solid idea, but you've got to find the bigger vision. You've got to find the platform play. What's the billion-dollar platform that can go disrupt something, not just, 'Let's help CRMs be better'." It was cool because that vision was there all along, and companies would eventually come to the realization and would ask us for that, but it was the investors who challenged us to look two steps further than we were looking right now.”

Kel Landis on Doing: “I say that the two-letter verb 'do' is the most powerful word in our lives, if we will live what it means. The book is really about the notion that every day we all wake up with a choice to do what matters not just in our own lives, but our families, our businesses, and our communities. We don't spend our lives having a long list of 'want to do's' or 'one day I'm going to do's.' This book talks about ways to examine what to do and what not to do and finding the inspiration and the tools to do it, and then acknowledging all the benefits that come from a life of 'do'.”

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