What is Popmoney?

Popmoney is a fast and secure person-to-person payment service that lets you send money to another individual’s bank account through Atlantic Capital Bank’s online bill pay service.

Sending money with Popmoney is easy. Simply enter the recipient’s name, bank account number, routing number, and the amount you’d like to send, and press enter. For only $0.50 per transaction (approximately the cost of a stamp), the money will be delivered to the receiving account in as little as one to three business days. You can also send money using only the recipient’s email address or cell phone number. 

Popmoney features include:

  • Send money directly to a person using their bank account information. When you use this option, the money will be delivered directly to the account – the person receiving the funds won’t have to register with Popmoney to accept the payment.
  • Set up future-dated  payments and recurring payments
  • Personalize your gift payments with an e-greeting template
  • Import contacts to pay from popular email services (such as Hotmail®, Yahoo!®, Gmail®)
  • Add multiple email addresses and mobile numbers for any contact
  • Respond to all Popmoney activity, including depositing payments and paying requests, from a central dashboard, or “To Do List”
  • Receive money by simply verifying an email address or mobile phone number (without formally enrolling)

How does Popmoney work?

To use Popmoney, simply log in to your Atlantic Capital Bank account online, and then select the “Bill Pay” option. Once inside Bill Pay, select the “Popmoney” tab. You’ll be asked to enter the name of the person you want to pay and will be given the option to make an “email or mobile payment” or a “Direct Deposit” payment. 

If you choose to make a payment via the “Direct Deposit” option, you will need to have the recipient’s bank routing number and account number available to enter. When you use this option, the money will be delivered directly to the recipient’s account and no action is required by the recipient.

If you choose to make an email or mobile payment, you’ll need to enter the email address or phone number of the person you’re paying. Once you’ve sent the payment, the recipient will receive an email or text informing them that they have a payment to collect. The recipient should then follow the enclosed link to create a Popmoney account in order to receive the funds. If the recipient’s bank already uses Popmoney, the recipient may need to add their email or phone number to their online banking Popmoney preferences in order to receive the payment.

Why should I use Popmoney?

By using Popmoney, you make payments easy for yourself and the recipient.  You eliminate the need to visit an ATM or write and mail a check.

When should I use Popmoney?

Popmoney is best used for smaller payments such as reimbursing a friend for dinner or tickets to a ballgame. The service is not optimally designed to make larger payments over $500. Larger payments are best handled through online Bill Pay, checks, or funds transfers.

Popmoney Payment Examples:

  • Send money to a child at college
  • Send your nephew birthday money
  • Pay a friend back for dinner

Is Popmoney Secure?

Atlantic Capital Bank uses leading technology to ensure that your money is sent and received safely and securely. When you use Popmoney, your money and data are protected by the same standards that protect you while banking online.

Additional Questions?
Please contact Atlantic Capital Bank at (855) 693-7422.