We’re Moving! On Friday, April 27th our Atlanta main office and retail center will be closing at 2 pm. We will reopen on Monday, April 30th at our new location in Resurgens Plaza. Our new address will be 945 East Paces Ferry Road NW, 16th floor, Atlanta, GA 30326.

Speartek Tile and Stone

About Speartek Tile and Stone


Speartek Tile and Stone, a distributor to the trade, is one of the fastest growing importers/distributors of decorative natural stone, tile and glass in the Southeast. The Speartek team offers clients a robust product line of middle-to-high-end materials, including marble, glass, travertine, and limestone from around the world.  Additionally, the company is known for its unique product blends and patterns that are artfully choreographed by a team of designers. 

Speartek owners Kam Tekin and Edward Spearman work closely with suppliers and clients to provide unbeatable service, advice, and pricing on the finest imported tile and stone.

The Story

In 2010, Kam Tekin, a veteran tile and stone importer/distributor, and Edward Spearman, a close friend and successful business man, teamed up to create a new tile and stone importing business – Speartek.

Kam Tekin: “We knew that starting a new business would be no piece of cake. We had to think about financing, paying overseas vendors, setting up new processes, and defining our business plan.  We needed a banker who was experienced and knowledgeable, as well as someone we could trust.”

Edward Spearman: “Instead of just glancing at our numbers, the team took the time to get to know our business model and even helped us to refine our business plan. By taking the time to understand our company, I think they were able to be more flexible in order to structure the most advantageous financing plan for both parties.”

Kam: “Atlantic Capital has always been supportive of our vision and progress. However, they’re never afraid to be straightforward with us. They tell us what we need to know, and in turn, we feel like we can always be upfront with them. I appreciate that. That friendly candidness has been helpful in building trust on both sides.”

Facilitating Global Trade

 Edward: "We buy most of our inventory overseas, so we needed to find a solution to pay those suppliers without taking on a lot of risk. The treasury team at Atlantic Capital worked with us to determine that our most advantageous payment option is a letter of credit. Using letters of credit, we minimize our risk of paying for goods before we gain title to them. And on the other hand, our suppliers are pleased because they know that they’ll be paid as long as they comply with the terms and conditions of the letter."


The Results

With the support of Atlantic Capital Bank, Speartek is now one of the fastest-growing tile and glass importers and distributors in the Southeast. Speartek had a record-breaking first quarter in 2011, and in response to demand, plans to triple its inventory levels.


Visit Speartek Tile and Stone at www.speartektile.com.