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Specialized Deposit Banking

Most banks speak of having a credit culture, but not necessarily a deposit culture. You need a team that recognizes the importance of your deposit and treasury management needs yet gives you the same level of attention you receive in your credit relationships.

How We Help

Atlantic Capital Bank takes a different approach for specialized depository clients. We provide a variety of deposit and treasury services and work with you to understand your banking needs. Our bankers deliver creative and customized solutions.

What You Can Expect

We offer a reliable platform and attractive interest rates while providing a high level of expertise and personal service.

1031 Exchange Deposit Programs

1031 exchange deposit accounts hold deferred gains realized in the sale of real estate or other approved asset classes. Atlantic Capital Bank can help an investor build his or her team by making introductions to qualified intermediaries, replacement property specialists, accountants and/or attorneys anywhere in the US. ACB also offers customized Deposit Programs for Qualified Intermediaries anywhere in the US. Program components include:

  • An efficient new account opening process where documentation for the account is sent electronically and executed documents may be accepted via email or fax
  • Master signature card capabilities to help reduce paperwork requirements for high-volume programs
  • Online cash management tools to view your account or to manage a group of accounts with single sign-on access
  • Separate login for beneficiary or owner of the funds, if desired

Escrow Services

When you require a third-party intermediary to manage your funds before a transaction closes, you need an escrow account. Escrow accounts serve to hold funds that are accumulated, held for specific disbursements, or both. During the account-opening process, the parties involved make an escrow agreement to outline the details of the approved disbursements.

We set up escrow accounts to hold investment funds, legal settlements, merger-&-acquisition-related deposits, real estate deposits, and more. Law firms have also found it beneficial to refer us their clients who need an escrow account to complete a legal transaction. Read more about how this partnership has worked well to help one firm. Read more.

Escrow fees can be charged for individual accounts or for ongoing programs.


Film & Entertainment Services

We understand the Film and Entertainment industry and have developed a suite of services geared towards its specific needs. These services include:

  • LLC & Corporate Operating Accounts
  • Escrow Services
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Treasury Management services including online access, electronic transferring and payment services for production company operating accounts as well as individual LLC project accounts
  • Residential Mortgage Services
  • SBA loan programs for studio expansions, equipment purchases, owner-occupied real estate mortgage needs and merger & acquisition activities
  • Connections to third parties that can monetize tax credits, invest, provide accounting, legal and/or insurance expertise and can offer short-term working capital

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